Thursday, March 23, 2023

FCC Applications

The FM Expansion Group has successfully prepared and guided numerous new station and upgrade applications through the Commission.

New station applications are only accepted during short windows.  Currently no windows are scheduled.

Applications proposing upgrades or changes to existing changes can usually be filed at any time.  If you wish to explore the possibility of modifying an existing facility, please click here and send us the details.

The list of our successful FCC filings keeps growing.  A list of some of our more recent successes is below:

  • Bryant University:  WJMF
  • Church Alive:  WSMP
  • Columbus County Schools:  WZCO 
  • Hazen Ministries:  WJDD
  • Hazen Ministries:  WJEE
  • Jamestown College:  NEW Station
  • Lake Area Educational Broadcasting Foundation:  KCVK
  • Lake Area Educational Broadcasting Foundation:  KCVQ
  • Nash Community College:  NEW Station
  • Western Texas College:  KGWB
  • Western Texas College: New Station