Sunday, October 1, 2023

Station Expansion

During the last few months, the Federal Communications Commission has dismissed hundreds of applications.  Those applications were preventing existing stations from being upgraded. 

Furthermore, the recent conversion to digital television means that many noncommercial stations can be upgraded because it is no longer necessary to protect the nearby television station broadcasting on channel six. 

These recent events mean that many noncommercial broadcasters have a rare opportunity to increase their station’s coverage area.

Most broadcasters do not have the resources in-house to determine if it’s possible to upgrade or move their stations.   However, the FMEG team can quickly and inexpensively determine if it is possible to upgrade or move your FM station or translator.

The cost of this study is $250 dollars.  If we determine it is possible to upgrade or move your station, we’ll discount our already low application preparation fees by $250 dollars.

Email to request a Station Upgrade Analysis.