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LPFM Window Opens October 15, 2013

June 18, 2013 by admin  
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On June 17, 2013, the FCC formally announced the dates for the next LPFM filing window.   The window will open on October 15, 2013, and close at 6:00 pm EDT on October 29, 2013.  The Commission must receive electronically filed applications no later than 6:00 PM EDT on October 29, 2013.

Why should you retain the FM Expansion Group to prosecute your LPFM Application?

We’re Proven.

The members of the FM Expansion Group have been serving the LPFM market since it’s inception.  In fact, we participated in the very first LPFM in 2000.  To date, each LPFM application we have filed has been eventually granted.   We’ve guided some of those applicants through congressionally-mandated rule changes and settlement windows.

Furthermore, we are continually preparing successful applications for new and modified full-power FM stations, FM translators, and existing LPFM stations.   You can familiarize yourself with these projects by visiting the FMEG News area of our Website.

We’re Professional.

The FM Expansion Group has the resources and experience to maximize your chances of success.

Our clients include well recognized multi-station broadcast groups such as Texas Public Radio, Oklahoma Catholic Broadcasting, Missouri’s Spirit FM Radio Network and Ohio’s Faith Ministry Radio Network.  Our academic clients include Bryant University, Nash Community College, and Eastern Oklahoma State College.  We also serve a large number of single-station noncommercial broadcasters all over the nation.

We will utilize the same tools and resources on your LPFM project that we employ on our more complicated endeavors.  You can be confident that your project will not fail because we lack the resources to properly prepare and prosecute your application.

We are Reasonable Priced.

We recognize that most LPFM applicants are nonprofit organizations with limited resources.  Therefore, for the 2013 LPFM window we have adopted a simple straight-forward fixed cost approach.

Furthermore, we provide a complementary obligation-free assessment of your site just for contacting us.

The total cost for our services compares favorably to the vast majority of our competitors even though many of them are serving LPFM applicants for the first time.

If you proceed, our price includes:

  • Comprehensive Application Preparation Services,
  • Second-channel waiver exhibits (if necessary),
  • Directional antenna design (if necessary),
  • And a high-resolution Propagation Study of Your Proposed Facility.

Contact us at (918) 749-3639 or  We’ll prepare your complementary assessment and answer any questions you have regarding the LPFM application process and our services.